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Emilio’s Corner « LilysWellness

Emilio’s Corner

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Emilio and Javier Mendoza on Stage

I went to St.Louis with my beuatiful sister Liliana and it was an amazing adventure. I opened the concert playing my violin. Javier encouraged me to play my violin and to open the concert. I felt very happy from the first note to the last note. I loved doing this for my little sister and other kids. I had a wonderful time in St. Louis getting to know the Grawer Family, I loved it!
As you can see,that is a picture from a hallowen party. I danced,we did games,and I was the only one that was Prince of Persia. As I’m writing I am sick. I have an allergic reaction. I am swelling,itchy,and I have a rash. That’s all I have for you. Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!Risa a carcajadasEstrellaEstrellaRisa a carcajadasCaluroso