Javier Mendoza at Miami PAX

Here are some pics captured at Javier Mendoza’s concert at Miami PAX on 17th November 2012.

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Javier Mendoza Back in Miami Nov.17 – Performing for Lily’s Wellness

Venue: PAX Miami

Event: Javier Mendoza’s CD Release Concert To Benefit Lily’s WellN.E.S.S.

Time: 7 pm doors. Show at 7:30

A portion of proceeds from cd sales will also benefit Lily’s WellNESS

We have great Raffle prizes!

If you cannot wait… Enjoy a few videos of Javier.

(Pacha Kamaq from the new […]

Parent’s Club a Success

Lily’s Wellness 1st Parent’s Club has been a great success!  We enjoyed an evening of friendship, meaningful discussion and some tacos too!  Watching Temple Grandin together gave us the opportunity to learn, laugh and share tears of compassion, empathy and joy.

Here you have some pictures of the fantastic happening. See all of them […]