Thankyou Equus for Humanity…

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Emilio and Lily on horseback!

Thankyou to everyone at Equus for Humanity for a memorable time on Lily’s birthday.  A special thanks to Dr. Burrows for all of her love, kindness and patience.   Emilio and Lily were so beautiful on horseback.  They truly enjoyed it.  We all watched with excitement and tears of joy as we witnessed them participate in this new experience.  Thank you to all of our family and friends who shared this amazing day with us. 

I'm riding, I can do it!

Emilio and Lily reach out for eachother

Thankyou to all our family and friends who called Lily and sent her well wishes. She loved every minute of it. She was sooooooooooo happy.

I love the phone!!!

Lily on the phone on her birthday

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