It’s Lily’s Birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday Lily!

November 17th is Lily’s 7th Birthday. We are very excited to share her birthday and these seven years of parenting. We want to celebrate her life with…many more than seven ways she has positively impacted our life: She loves her family She has given us a sense of what really matters She is a very fast reader She loves to travel She loves to be loved -and she gives back She has taken us to a higher level of patience, compassion and awareness. She inspires us to be better people. She has introduced us to exceptional people. She has given us the opportunity for self-improvement, including knowledge of the brain that opens up a whole new world of recovery. As well as the opportunity to share this knowledge with others. Thank you, Lily for being our daughter.  Thank you for being you………. You enrich our lives everyday in so many ways.

Papà, Emilio and Lily

We encourage you to leave a comment stating how Lily has impacted your life to celebrate her birthday!

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