Some Days are Tough

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On Saturday Lily had a seizure.  Usually I see it coming, this time it was unexpected.  She was walking on her gravity assisted environment, smiling and laughing.  All of a sudden she got very quiet and still near the end of her session.  Then she took a few more steps and smiled at me.  I took her down off the cords, placed her on the table to change her out of her harness and she began to jerk her head towards the left uncontrollably.  Her eye was also blinking out of control.  I called for Arturo and we began to mask her, get ice, clap our hands and pinch the skin on her legs.  We treated her for the next 15 minutes until she was stable again.  When she has a seizure it feels like time stands still until Lily makes eye contact with me, breaths deep enough to make a sound and then fall fast asleep in my arms.  She was wiped out when it was all over and had a nice rest for the next few hours.  She recovered well and when she woke up, she was smiling.  Lily, you inspire us with your love and expressions of happiness despite what you go through everyday just to breath well and function to your potential.  We love you Lily. We give thanks for your program at IAHP.  We are able to treat you at home thanks to the training we receive and no rushing to the hospital.

2 comments to Some Days are Tough

  • Susanna Horn

    Hello all!
    I see that Lily is doing very well. It is great to see her walking in the GAE! I miss you guys.
    This is a fantastic way to get news from you and Lily’s progress. When do you come back in Philly again?
    I send a big kiss to Lily and a smaller one to all of you (hehehe just joking)
    Hugs and kisses and love

  • Karina Orellana

    I have heard so much about little Lily in the past from Mr. Tenacio. I’m one of his former students and a while back he let me know about Lily’s page. It’s amazing how strong she is and I’m glad she’s doing well.
    Take Care,

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