Back from Philly!!

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Lily in the waiting room at IAHP


We just came back from The Institutes´Intensive Treatment Program week in Philadelphia. We all go to the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential ( )with Lily every six/seven months to reevaluate her progress and design a new program with new goals for the next six/seven month period. Every time we go we need to cover costs such as
  • Fees
  • Air fare
  • Car rental
  • Specialists
  • Treatments
  • Supplements: vitamins, oils, etc
  • Materials
  • Child care
It is always a challenge getting ready for the next trip and it is fair to say that it has made possible for the last six years thanks to a lot of people who have supported us along the way and in many ways. We treasure them and hold them in the highest esteem. If you woud like to become a part of that support group, contact us (top of the menu) and we will be sure to welcome you in Lily´s life – Lily´s path to wellness.

3 comments to Back from Philly!!

  • Well Mr.Tenacio and Lily I hope the Best for you guys.Mr.Tenacio you’re an awesome great excellent teacher who teaches awesome and learns something new in your class everyday.Well Mr.Tenacio I am trying my best on getting this procedures for the facebook fan page.In a near future ill happily post the procedures on the web-page so your wife will happily create the page.And for you Lily I hope the best for your future and you’re a very cute and sweet girl.Don’t forget that GOD loves you lots.And you have caring Parents like you’re dad.
    -Love Jose Dunand 🙂

  • crystal verdecia

    awwwwww i love your daughters website!!!! its full of love and warmth!! i bet u love lilly so so so so much. im mr.tenacios student. if you are reading this im completely sure you will find a cure for her disability.i also know the best cure is love and im even more sure that you give it to her every hour of every day!!! i know this book that will give you hope that lilly gets better!!! i can bring it to you next class if u like!! it has the most important info for hope!! i guarantee it!! -with lots of love, crystal

  • Jazlin Jimenez

    Hi Lily and family. I wish the Best for you all and i Hope Lily gets better soon. I am also one of Mr.Tenacios students,and he is the best science teacher. We all care and wish the best for you.

    -With warmth love Jazlin

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