Lily loses her first tooth :)

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Lily has experienced something today that most children look forward to.  Loosing your first tooth is always exciting for kids and a call for celebration.  Lily lost her first tooth today!  This was a moment of smiles and joy for all of us, especially Lily. This is the first time she has joined her peers with no delay (most well kids loose their first tooth between 5 and 6 years old). We are all celebrating this with Lily.  Emilio, Mommy and Papa can’t wait to see what the Tooth Fairy brings!

6 comments to Lily loses her first tooth :)

  • minggui

    awwwwww that is so cute!!!
    and lily must have enjoined the cookies mr.tenacio!!!

  • Ms.Mendoza(sub)

    Hola lily, soy Aida y deseo enviarte un mensaje con mucho amor, cariño y respeto. Hoy dia doy gracias a Dios por darme la oportunidad de conocerte aunque sea por el Internet. Eres una niña maravillosa que representas la pureza del ser humano. Al mirarte impactastes mis sentimientos y al mismo tiempo inspiras fortaleza y alegria de vivir y lily tu eres el mejor ejemplo a seguir, por que yo se que tu lees. compartire tu abilidad con los niños. lily, deceo imitarte, de hablar ingles y español. Que Dios te bendiga, te conserve y te de mucha salud junto a tu familia. Feliz navidad y un prospero 2010!

  • Cindy Tellez

    Hey Mr. &&- Lily..

    This is the first time I see your daugther, she’s so pretty. Remember today you showed us her website and you said you were going to talk about it but we didnt have enough time in class.Any way, I memorized her e-mail and decided to visit her site. The site is awsomeee. Byee.

  • Alex Duarte

    Lily is so pretty. I know that she has problems but, there is hope. Everyday there is a new challenge for her but, she is always going to overcome it and learn from it. In the future she well be fully recovered. She is a child with hope, faith, and a bright future. She is very beautiful and will grow up to be a successful young lady. I hope she will recover. Remember, she has Arturo, Emilio, and Patricia and there is nothing that will seperate them. Hope you get well Lily.:)
    Sincerely, Alex Duarte

  • Diana M.

    awwww!!How cuteeee!!!

  • Robert Smith

    You are a gift from God,
    May you and your family and friends receive the power from the Lord each and everyday!!!

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